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How Do Attenuation Tanks Work

How Do Attenuation Tanks Work

How Do Attenuation Tanks Work

There is a need to manage land at a risk of flooding. Stormwater Attenuation is something that should be on your radar to help manage excess water and remove the risk of flooding to built-up areas from stormwater events.

What is an Attenuation Tank?

An Attenuation Tank is essentially a large container/detention tank acting as a buffer to store excess rainwater and remove the risk of flooding of a residential area in a controlled way.  Excess rainwater detained in a stormwater tank is then released at a  controlled rate by a hydrobrake.

Why use an Attenuation Tank?

There are many benefits of using a precast concrete stormwater attenuation tank. With a minimum design life of 60 years and also 100+ & a zero maintenance profile it’s a solution that developers and water companies can hang their hat on.  Used widely on residential housing schemes it is also popular on large commercial developments and even International airports.

How do Attenuation Tanks work?

Attenuation Tanks work by holding excess rainwater and then releasing it in a controlled manner which alleviates the risk of flood events occuring.

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