Service Ducting

Our extensive range of precast ducting is designed specifically for the Energy Sector. Suitable for power & communication cables, gas pipes and chemical dosing lines the precast duct provides complete protection from vandalism or accidental damage to live services whilst allowing ease of access for maintenance operations.

Available with either C250 or D400 precast cover slabs and produced in a range of sizes the Carlow Duct is a cost effective solution for your application.

Our inhouse design team prepare design calculations, drawings and specifications in compliance with Eurocode or British Standard requirements, all of which is protected by our extensive professional indemity insurance cover

widthdepth length
300mm 300mm 1,000mm
450mm 450mm1,000mm
600mm 300mm 1,000mm
600mm 600mm 1,000mm
750mm 500mm 1,000mm
750mm 750mm 1,000mm
1,000mm 500mm 1,000mm
1,000mm 750mm 1,000mm
1,000mm 1,000mm1,000mm
1,000mm 300mm 1,000mm
1,000mm 600mm 1,000mm
1,000mm 1,000mm1,000mm