Precast Filter Bed Wall & Tile System

Filter Bed Wall

Carlow Concrete offer a full biological filter bed solution for both new build and remedial works contracts.

Designed in strict accordance to Ciria Report 58, the Filter Bed Wall is available in 250mm incremental height adjustments from 1.25m to 3.0m and can cater for any diameter in excess of 6.0m.

Our extensive experience of circular concrete structures, hoop tension, thermal movement and jointing systems has allowed us to develop a high quality, long life & low cost solution to a traditionally troublesome treatment tank.

This system comes complete with provision for inlets, outlets, washout points, electrical conduit penetrations, vents and perimeter drainage.

Filter Bed Tile

Measuring 250mm wide by 500mm long and weighing a mere 12.5Kg, the Carlow Filter Tile is one of the only tiles on the market within manual handling limits. With 8 tiles covering exactly 1.0m2, large areas can be placed by small installation crews on a daily basis. Complimented by a series of accessory tiles such as vented or unvented rim tiles & channel bridging tiles, the Carlow Filter Tile system is the most comprehensive on the market.

Tested to media fill depths of up to 6.0m the tiles are incredibly robust and offer a real long term solution. Large volumes of stock are maintained to ensure rapid site mobilistaion periods.

For further information, please contact our technical department.