Modular Culvert

Carlow Concrete modular culverts are used for conveyance of fluids such as stormwater and sewage as well as for short span bridges and access ways. Precast concrete three-sided culverts allow for natural streambeds to remain intact while providing for short span bridge applications. Carlow Concrete box culverts are produced in a controlled environment and therefore exhibit high degrees of quality and uniformity. They also offer a multitude of advantages such as superior strength and durability, reduced weather dependency for installation, design flexibility and reduced impact to the job site.

Carlow Concrete modularĀ culverts have a wide variety of uses including:
– culverting of water courses
– balancing tanks for off line storage
– road crossings
– pipe replacement
– sea outfalls
– escape tunnels
– service tunnels
– cattle creeps
– shaftsOur inhouse design team prepare design calculations, drawings and specifications in compliance with Eurocode or British Standard requirements, all of which is protected by our extensive professionalindemity insurance cover.