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Flood Alleviation

Flood Alleviation: The Carlow Tank

Carlow Concrete’s Stormwater Attenuation Tank is a modular precast attenuation/detention tank which is supplied to Clients to primarily satisfy their mandatory Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) requirements.

To combat flooding both Irish & UK building authorities stipulate a restriction on the rate of storm water flow from the developed site to that of the original ‘greenfield’ condition, and in many cases the most economical means of achieving this is to place a flow control device on the site outlet and to detain excess run off in subsurface storage. The most cost effective means of providing such storage is a Carlow Concrete Stormwater Attenuation Tank.

The Carlow Tank is available in depths from 0.6m to 4.0m and can be configured to exactly suit Client requirements.

Features & Benefits
The Carlow Tank

  • Available in depths from 0.8M to 7.0M in 100mm increments.
  • Can be configured to exactly suit client requirements.
  • Modular precast attenuation/detention tank which satisfies clients mandatory Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) requirements.
  • Most cost effective storm water attenuation solution on the market.
  • Watertight to BS8007 or Eurocode 2.
  • Fully section 104 adoptable.
  • CESWI & Sewers for adoption compliant.

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  • 100 Year + Design Life.
  • No need expensive imported filling, simply backfill as dug material.
  • Rapid installation times from highly trained, experienced crews.
  • Reduction in labour & plant requirements during install.
  • Deep burial and heavy duty loading applications.
  • Technical supervision & sign off for client based installations.
  • Superior quality finish & zero maintenance.
  • Multifunctional applications.

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