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Modular Culverts

The Carlow Modular Culvert

Carlow Concrete modular culverts are used for conveyance of fluids such as storm water and sewage as well as for short span bridges and access ways. Three-sided precast concrete culverts allow for natural streambeds to remain intact while providing for short span bridge applications.

Features & Benefits
Modular Culverts

  • Produced in a controlled environment and exhibit high degrees of quality and uniformity.
  • Offer a multitude of advantages such as superior strength, durability, reduced weather dependency for installation, design flexibility and reduced impact to the job site.

Modular Culverts

  • Culverting of water courses
  • Balancing tanks for off line storage
  • Road crossings
  • Pipe replacement
  • Sea outfalls
  • Escape tunnels
  • Service tunnels
  • Cattle creeps
  • Shafts

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